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Cleanouts (Simple Clutter Removal to Heavy Cleaning)

Lifecycle has worked in all types of environments with all types of people; a week doing relocations and home assessments has been known to be followed by a week suiting up in Haz-Mat suits and respirators.

We will bring your property back to a clean, safe condition, reestablishing the healthy living environment it once was. If transitioning to a new living space is what you desire, we will prepare your old home for a quick sale in the real estate market.

We realize not everyone needs an extensive house cleanout.  That’s why we offer a small trash pick-up service as well.  This service will eliminate the looming headache of household clutter -before it becomes a larger problem.

Our diverse experience and comfort in any environment allows us to handle all aspects of your move, downsize and cleanout.

Comprehensive or a la carte services Lifecycle offers:,

Sifting, Sorting and Organizing

Personal items, financial documents and family memorabilia are important. No matter what the age, from water damaged IRS documents to clutter that never seems to go away, Lifecycle specializes in sifting, sorting and organizing.

We take special care and pay close attention to segregate those documents that aren’t needed but are sensitive in nature. We help you take the necessary steps to ensure your continued privacy, keeping your identity safe and secure. Our document shredding service can be part of any quote.


Lifecycle has seen decades of lives stacked up in homes, basements, attics and yards. Over these years, treasures can get lost in the mix. We make certain all these items of value are tagged and cataloged.  We will provide a printed or electronic inventory, including pictures and serial numbers, of all items you wish us to document.

All things of value are not always gold either.  Did Grandpa leave his hunting rifle under a bed for 50 years and never tell you about it? We can help you get it out of the house lawfully and get you market value for these types of items. Our keen eye and exceptional use of good judgement guarantee the proper handling of these dear possessions.

Preparing homes for the real estate market

Often times there are more things to do once the home is cleaned out and ready for the realtors. We provide services to make the home shine. We will work with you on-budget and on-schedule to achieve maximum potential for your property and you.

Reverse unhealthy or unsafe living conditions

In some cases health codes are violated due to unhealthy living conditions. Lifecycle specializes in bringing these homes back to the clean state they were once in.

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