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Elder Care Professionals

Trustees, Conservators, Legal Guardians and Powers of Attorney:
We can help you.

Our business model is specifically designed to work with the elder advocate and professional. After many years working with elder advocacy organizations and elder law professionals we know what matters to you and your clients. We strive to make our efforts align with your mandated objective.

Lifecycle understands the aspects of probate court. We know cases can take time, effort and cooperation to come together. With all these things in mind, a day may leave little time to get things done in the field. That is why we are here, delegate to us. Taking time away from your caseload or personal time to oversee a project, or check on a home, is not always feasible.  For a complete list of our services, please see our Services section.

Trust us to handle the particulars of the property and manage the transition of your client.


Lifecycle has been working with at-risk clients and their guardians for over a decade, helping dysfunctional families get their personal matters aside in order to focus on the task at hand.

Assisting advocacy professionals in their work with dysfunctional families and at-risk individuals is a field we take pride in. It is our way of ensuring a quality of life for those that may have not been able to achieve on their own.

Small changes can make a big impact.

At Risk Elder Care ProfessionalsOne of the keys to Lifecycle’s success in operating within these difficult situations is: Listening.

Listening is something we do very well. It is an important as well as necessary step in understanding the private, personal and historical matters of a given situation. You can trust Lifecycle with your client’s privacy.

By making the effort to understand each party’s situation and learning how each situation has developed, we can begin to Respect each situation for its unique circumstances.

Respect is the key to helping a family put aside its differences and take care of the real and pending issues at hand. When legally involved party’s feel respected, we can then establish, Trust.

Trust, like privacy, is something we take very seriously, and take the time to establish. We believe that it is our foundation in creating a working environment that will get results and closure in a sensitive time.

We look forward to working with you.

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